Why See An Orthodontist

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Why Should I See An Orthodontist?

An orthodontist is a specialist, who has completed two years of advanced training following dental school to learn the special skills required in managing tooth movement and guiding facial growth and development.

An orthodontist does orthodontics - that's all!

Indications That Orthodontics May Be Needed:

  • Crowded and overlapped teeth
  • Spaces between teeth
  • Upper front teeth protrude over lower teeth
  • Upper front teeth bite over the lower teeth (overbite or deep bite)
  • Upper front teeth bite behind lower teeth (underbite)
  • The upper and lower teeth do not bite together (openbite)
  • The midlines of the upper and lower teeth do not line up
  • Uneven or excessive wearing of teeth
  • Difficulty chewing

Benefits of Orthodontics:

  • A more attractive smile
  • Improves function of the teeth
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Improves self-esteem during critical emotional growth and development stages
  • Improves long term health of teeth and gums
  • Guides permanent teeth into proper positions
  • Allows for easier brushing and flossing

Where Does My General Dentist Fit In?

You should continue to see your regular dentist every six months for cleanings and dental checkups.